Benefits of having a Dedicated IP for Your Website

Benefits of having a Dedicated IP for Your Website

A dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address in a shared hosting gives you more freedom and control over your website. It expands the security and speed of your site, enabling the successful establishment of your brand or business identity.

A Sure-fire Way to Secure and Speed up Your Website

Many online business organizations’ hosting preferences often don’t go beyond the limits of shared hosting. For better site speed, they might choose SSD servers instead of HDD. But when it comes to dedicated IP, it seems most people lack the essential knowledge on the advantages of having a dedicated IP.

In this blog, we try to bridge that gap by listing the benefits you can have when choosing a Dedicated IP in your shared hosting.

Difference between Shared and Dedicated IP

As you might know, Internet protocol is a unique address allotted to each computer connected to a particular network. This address is used to connect a valid location of a machine or website in a certain hosting server. In a Shared Hosting, one of the most low-cost and popular hosting services, you will get a shared IP address, which you share with several other websites within a web server.

In a dedicated IP address, your website gets its own unique address. You can either use this IP address or the domain name of your website to access this IP from world wide web.  Contrary to usual shared hosting, a dedicated IP lets you get rid of spammers while ensuring maximum security and speed.

A dedicated IP address gives you total access to your site anytime without changing DNS settings for the domain name. Also, it keeps you from the dangers of getting banned or blacklisted for spamming when you share the same IP address with other users who don’t follow standard website procedures.

Advantages of Having a Dedicated IP

Uninterrupted access to your site

One of the substantial benefits of getting a dedicated IP is the complete access to your website anytime you need. In a shared hosting, you’re likely to run into some technical issue as you’re sharing your site with numerous other sites. If a website that you’re shared within a server get affected by external threat or hacking, you may also face the consequence of it.

With direct and exclusive access to your IP address, you can enjoy continuous access to everything concerning your website. Nobody is there to share your web address so that you can enjoy total control over your site anytime and anywhere.

Safeguarding Your email’s reputation

As far as your website’s emails are concerned, an IP address in a shared hosting services can pose challenges at times. In some situations, users sharing the same IP address with you gets penalized or blacklisted for spamming which may affect your email service as well. We don’t have to explain how damaging it will be for your business to get your, or your customers email exposed to threats. It will ruin your reputation as well as credibility.

So if you want to get rid of all the troubles along the way of your email communication, make sure to get a dedicated IP. Using a dedicated IP isolates your email service from the misuse of others in your shared hosting. It acts as a shield that protects outside attacks and never lets your emails become a public property for others to tamper with.

Ideal for building up a trustworthy brand and Business Image

If you’re running an online store or an e-commerce website, you shouldn’t be reluctant to add the best security features on your website.

You’re dealing with a significant amount of money that is transacted via online regularly. A slight failure on your part results in an irretrievable impact on your entire business. Dedicated IP and SSL certificate are the essential aspects you should not avoid whenever you wish to establish an online business. Not only is it significant for e-commerce or online stores, but websites which are handling confidential data should opt for a dedicated IP in a shared hosting.

However, if you’re using third-party payment services for managing payment services, getting a dedicated IP is optional. But in case you’ve created your payment integration platform, you shouldn’t go online without a dedicated IP on a shared hosting server. Undoubtedly, any well-informed customer feel safe and confident while making a transaction on a website which has a dedicated IP.

Essential for add-ons and special features

Sometimes, a particular application or script that you want to run on your server might demand that your website should have a dedicated IP. It’s also likely to create issues when you use a few SSL certificates on a shared IP address, especially in an older version of some browsers.

Think twice before you sidestep dedicated IP in your shared hosting. It may turn out to be a stupid decision in the long run. New add-ons and features are arising every day and think how pitiable it would be if you can’t use any of them because of a bad choice you took.

Reducing downtime substantially

In shared hosting, each time your IP address refreshes, you run the risk of downtime from the server—even for a short period. It might come across as a trivial matter for you. But if you own a website which hosts thousands of visitors every moment, the situation will be an entirely different one. Every second of downtime cost you an enormous amount of money. And as for customers, any let-up in loading or transaction is a turn-off which gets them to rethink about your product or service.

Dedicated IP to drive up Search Engine Optimization

When you share an IP address with thousands of other sites, not only does it significantly slow down the website, but it might cause you to rank much lower on search engines than websites with a dedicated IP.

A dedicated IP on a shared server boosts loading speed, which major search engines like Google consider an important factor in a website’s ranking quality.

We’ve tried to list a few factors that as incentives to consider dedicated IP the next time you start a website or renew your current one. In a time when cyber security is facing unprecedented challenges, we strongly recommend you to choose a Dedicated IP. It will provide your customers a much better speed and safety. That credibility and performance are what they seek when they want to buy from you. So, give them the best service for building up a successful business online for your brand. And a dedicated IP is one of the basic necessity if you’ve decided to achieve such business progress.

At BakeHost, we provide Dedicated IP packages with all our shared hosting services. It is the most distinguishing element of our hosting services because you can rarely find a hosting provider who offers dedicated IP for all its clients in its shared hosting server. Whether it be shared hosting, Shared SSD or WordPress Hosting, we offer dedicated IP for the seamless performance of your website. Check out why to choose BakeHost for your web hosting needs.

If you have any suggestion or comment about this blog, please make them below. And If you want to learn more details about BakeHost’s dedicated IP services, please get in touch with us now. One of our team members will guide you through the dedicated IP package that best suits your business needs.

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