About Us

Who We Are? came into being in the UAE as a complete web hosting provider that offers unique plans for the optimal performance of your websites. As opposed to the usual web-hosting services, we guarantee you extensive server facilities at an affordable cost. You can obtain customized packages from our unique offerings, and all our services are coupled with comprehensive customer care support. What we aim at is getting rid of all downtime and speed related issues you might encounter in your business or personal websites.

If you want to experience the perfection and competency of new technologies in web hosting sector, welcome to BakeHost. It emerges from the complete dedication and unrivalled experience from a team who want to change the way your websites perform. We’re determined to equip you with the real power of web hosting to accomplish your goals in any venture you are involved in.

What We Do?

We give you the comfort and convenience by leveraging advanced technology.  Our team of innovators make sure your web hosting requirements are met with utmost precision. With proper consultation with our clients, we customize our web hosting program which includes top-grade hardware equipment developed by leading manufacturers in the world. Our long-term association with eminent server accessory manufacturers enable us to deliver them to you at the lowest possible price in the market.

You can obtain from us both HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting services. Our HDD hosting facility is almost always adequate to cater to most of your web-hosting needs. Moreover, it gives you unlimited space at a very low-cost price. But if you want to have a much faster and greater performance, you can opt for our SSD hosting services, which is more durable and costlier than HDD.

You’ll get all the essential information from us on which server you have to choose according to your website’s characteristic and target. In other words, our plans and strategies are precisely made to deliver on our promises.  And that’s what make us different from the noisy web hosting market which is filled with unfounded claims by many web hosting and domain providers.