Maximize Your Online Security with BakeHost SSL Certificates

Guaranteed connection security & confidential data encryption

Domain Validation (DV)

Ideal for securing personal websites, blogs, and Facebook apps

  • Easy activation
  • No paperwork needed

Organization Validation (OV)

Ideal for securing sites that take in customer info (e.g., login credentials)

  • Dynamic Site Seal
  • Trustworthy feature (CA authenticates company information which users can then check, ensuring greater trust)

Extended Validation (EV)

Ideal for securing sites that take in more sensitive customer info (e.g., credit card data)

  • Green Bar
  • Highest Trustworthy feature

Why We recommend SSL Certificates for Your Website?

We provide SSL certification for the total safety of your data at a period when cyber security encounters significant challenges.

SSL certificate services offer authentication in addition to encryption, which makes sure that you are sending information to the right server. It’s possible on the internet highway that you might share your valuable data to phoney servers, but using a proper public key infrastructure (PKI) and getting an SSL Certificate from a trusted SSL provider, you can get away from such unknown traps. If you are looking for maximum security for your websites, get our SSL certificate services because we’ve covered all the bases for you.



If you can’t secure your website and confidential data, it’ll severely damage your reputation. Yes, our SSL certification is your best choice to protect your reputation.

More Sales

SSL is a key factor for search engine optimization procedures. If your website come on the top ranking of search results, that will definitely improve your sales massively.


If a website can provide flawless performance and keep customers’ information highly secure, that can definitely build up customers’ trust and engagement.


SSL ensures a strong authentication process between client and server, so all data transferring is performed in a highly secured environment.


Our SSL certificate helps you achieve total control over your online assets. SSL won’t let anybody to sneak into your confidential world without permission.


SSL is compatible with all the modern devices and web browsers, which ensures maximum protection to your data used online.

No Phishing

SSL prevents stealing of data through all forms of phishing activities by making it almost impossible to imitate certified websites.

Improves SEO

Currently, Google is considering SSL certificate as one of the criteria for improving the search results ranking for websites.

FAQ: Basics of Our SSL Certificates

What are SSL Certificates?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer certificate) means establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser, which ensures that all data transferred between them remain protected from external threats.

Do I Need an SSL Certificate For my Website?

Yes. If you are concerned about your website security and user data, SSL is a necessity for your website.

Does SSL Improve SEO?

According to Google search engine optimization criteria, SSL-enabled website gets more search ranking and reputation than non-SSL websites.

Does SSL Prevent Data Theft?

Since SSL facilitate highly secured data transfering between the web browser and server, it’s without doubt that no intruders can access your data. So data theft is out of the question if you implement SSL on your website.

Does SSL Improve Customer’s Trust?

Obviously. Customers prefers to use SSL-enabled websites to do online transactions using their bank credentials. Hence, having SSL is defin ing factor for earning customers’ trust and more sales as well.